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The city/town of Garessio belongs to: Region Piemonte - Province of Cuneo

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Nursery Schools

Scuola Materna non Statale "Campioni Polti" - Borgo Ponte

Name Description
Address Piazza Santa Caterina n.7
Phone 0174.81498

Scuola Materna Statale

Name Description
Address Via Fasiani n.13 - Borgo Maggiore
Phone 0174.81135

Primary Schools

Scuola Elementare Statale "M. Vicarj"

Name Description
Address Piazza Balilla
Phone 0174.81107
Fax 0174.81107

Secondary Schools of First Instance

Scuola Media Statale"G. M. Fasiani"

Name Description
Address Via Vittorio Emanuele n.72
Phone 0174.81016
Fax 0174.81016